2022 Fee Schedule

Effective January 1, 2022


Private Assessment (45 minutes) (treatment usually initiated on first visit)$1101
Private Follow Ups (up to 30 minutes)$85
Private Follow Ups Extended (30-45 minutes)$130
Pelvic Health Assessment (60 minutes)$150
Pelvic Health Follow Up (45 minutes)$130
FSCD Funded in Clinic$125/hour5
FSCD Funded in Home$130/hour plus travel fee5
FSCD Funded Home Visit Travel fee within Airdrie City Limits$105,6
FSCD Funded Home Visit Travel fee outside Airdrie City Limits$205,6
FSCD Indirect Time$82.66
Motor Vehicle Accident Assessment and Treatment within protocol as per Automobile Accident Insurance Benefits
Regulations and the Diagnostic and Treatment Protocols Regulations in Alberta
Motor Vehicle Accident outside protocol Assessment$1352
Motor Vehicle Accident outside protocol Treatment$1352
WCB Assessment and Treatment fees as per contracted rates
Missed Appointment Fee (less than 24 hours notice)
Chart copies$50 plus $0.25 / page
  1. If it has been more than 8 weeks since your last visit and you are returning with the same condition, a new assessment fee will be charged. Existing clients with a new injury may also be charged a new assessment rate.
  2. Both Assessment and Treatment fees are charged even if both provided on same visit.
  3. Not charged to Third Party Payers, patient is directly responsible for payment.
  4. We will try to accommodate late arrivals if it does not adversely affect later appointments/patients. 
  5. Families who qualify as low income, may qualify for a reduced fee.
  6. Subject to distance restrictions.