We could not be where we are without the support of our loved ones. We are who we are with their love and support.

Bob and Rutheen Scott, Parents extrordinaire

Jo-Ann and Andi (did you know they were sisters) were blessed with amazing parents who always supported them and encouraged them. They were both so proud of Jo-Ann when she was admitted into the Physiotherapy Program at Dalhousie. As a student, she recalls speaking of one day owning her own clinic with her parents. In fact, if you look behind the reception desk you will see a painting that her Mom encouraged her to buy “to put in your own clinic one day”. Sadly Rutheen passed from ALS in 2010 and was not here to celebrate that dream being realized. She is a huge inspiration in our clinic day to day from the hummingbirds and colors of our logo to the opening and welcoming atmosphere we strive to provide every patient.

Todd Noye, Handy Husband

Although fishing is his first love, we like to think Jo-Ann comes second. In the early stages of the clinic opening, Todd ensured Jo-Ann came home to a home cooked meal; although his culinary skills were a little questionable. With many years of experience in the construction industry, Todd is always available for office repairs when needed. We are proud that Todd headed up our leasehold improvements for our Coopers location, and did such an amazing job we think.

Besides fishing, Todd enjoys camping, traveling, and woodwork. His favorite food is anything seafood.

Dollar, Chief Clinic Dog

Jo-Ann’s companion and shadow for many years, Dollar enjoyed coming to work with Jo-Ann at her previous clinic. He supervised the construction of PhysioWorks and ensured everything was good to go before crossing the rainbow bridge.

He loved all and enjoyed meeting people. He traveled to PEI yearly where he reveled in long walks on the beach, finding sticks and digging in the natural springs. His favorite food was pretty much anything, but he especially loved vegetables that ‘fell’ on the floor as supper was being prepared.

Ca$h, Clinic Dog in Training

Oh Ca$h, what can we say about Ca$h. Ca$h forced his way into our lives and hearts. Initially a foster of Jo-Ann’s that she wanted to send back after his separation distress meant 3 hours of sleep in 4 days, he eventually wormed his way into our lives and hearts. Very much a timid guy, he has not get been able to fulfill all the Clinic Dog duties – as he is nervous of new places (the clinic), new people (people at the clinic) and new experiences. Maybe one day, he will be your greeter at PhysioWorks, but until then, he would rather hang out at home or spend the day at daycare.