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Andi Doyle, Office Super Woman

Every Physiotherapist or Massage Therapist needs an amazing person to hold the office together; for PhysioWorks, that is Andrea (affectionately known as Andi). Her warm smile and cheerful attitude will be sure welcome you are you enter our office.   

Hailing from Halifax, NS, Andi comes to us via  Moncton, NB where she spent 20 years working with UPS in the Customer Service Industry. If you are lucky, you might be in for an appointment after she has done some (world renowned!) baking and be able to sneak a taste!




Sarah Grieve, Office BraveHeart

When Andrea is away, we need someone to hold down the fort. That's where Sarah comes in. Hailing from Scotland, her sense of humour is sure to keep you entertained.

Sarah joins us after 25+ years in the corporate world in Calgary. We are blessed that she chose us as her next step. We haven't yet found out if she lives up to Andrea's baking abilities - hmmmmmm, deep fried snickers anyone?






Monika Hoyer, Office Underdog (ba ha ha)

Monika is our resident canine (and other animal) expert venturing into the human world! 

With many years experience in the canine industry, Monika joins our team in hope of keeping us together a few days of the week. 

In her spare time, Monika participates in sledding, flyball and barnut with her canine companions Badger, Rook and Fennec. She has also been working on her rodent tricks and she and her trick gerbil Wally have just achieved their very first Trick Gerbil title!




 Ca$h, Clinic Dog and Licker Extraordinaire

Mr. Ca$h is our part time "boo boo kisser". When he is on duty, he can usually be found hanging out in his kennel in the office but will come for a visit if you ask (as long as it does not adversely affect other patients; so as long as others don;t mind him coming for a visit). His favorite snacks are doggie cookies, peanut butter and smoked salmon cream cheese. He has a bit of a foot fetish and will steal shoes, socks, keep your socks and shoes safe. In his free time he enjoys sleeping in the sun and playing with his very best friend Jet at Play Unleashed.